Technology is definitely fast-moving. It is moving almost twice as fast each year, thanks to quick innovations, developments, and discoveries in several industries. When it comes to smartphones, the models come and go. The phone you just bought may be obsolete a year from today. That is why OEMs are working harder to introduce products that are at least a year advanced. From 18:9 aspect displays to dual cameras to the notch design, some companies are quick to pick up the trend.

Samsung is number one in implementing advanced technologies save for the notch. Huawei was the first to introduce the dual camera setup and made it popular but made it three cameras for the Pro variant. But really, it was HTC who launched the first dual cam phone. Vivo was the first to make the in-display fingerprint sensor commercially available, as well as, the slide-out camera.

As for Nokia, the company has followed the dual camera and notch trends. The idea of a triple camera setup is nothing new. There’s also the quad camera system where two cameras are found on each side. We heard of the five-camera setup as well–two selfie shooters and three rear cameras.

The Samsung Galaxy S10’s premium variant is believed to have such. The LG V40 is also rumored to be insane with five cameras. There’s also the Nokia 9 phone prototype sighted with five lenses.

The Nokia 9 phone could be the same phone here with a Penta-camera setup. The five-lenses camera system is expected to include Monochrome lens and probably telephoto and hybrid optical zoom lens.

HMD Global is said to combine all the lenses we already know. The dual camera is given but with the addition of another one. Dual selfie cameras should be interesting so we’ll see.

VIA: Right Brothers