EKA2L1 N-Gage Nokia Emulator Play Store

The N-Gage wasn’t exactly a bestselling phone back then but we remember the hype when it was first introduced in 2002. Some of you may don’t know what it is but it’s a phone by Nokia that is also a handheld game system. You can say it’s a gaming phone from the early 2000s–the time when smartphones are just starting and Nokia was the top mobile brand. The phone comes with a D-pad for easy game control plus face buttons. It wasn’t exactly successful but now, we can consider this a retro gaming device.

No, you can’t get one anywhere now but you can relive the experience with EKA2L1. It’s a Symbian emulator that is now available on the Google Play Store. If you want to try N-Gage gaming, you can download the app and run the available N-Gage titles on any Android phone.

The EKA2L1 Symbian emulator was developed by Play Software. This emulator is also said to support the Nokia N-Gage and Symbian devices on S60v5, S60v3, and S60v1.

There is no information on how many N-Gage games can be played but a source said almost all as per early user reviews. Try the emulator and see the earlier versions of Call of Duty, Pathway to Glory, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, and Red Faction among others.

EKA2L1 N-Gage Nokia Emulator

There is a catch though. You can’t easily use the app as a regular app. You still have to download the system files for the Symbian devices you want to emulate. Like any other emulators, this will need some setting up. It may be a bit complicated but help is available.

Your Android device must also have at least 3GB RAM, a capable CPU, and OpenGL ES 3.0-supported GPU. We can also expect more N-Gage QD games will be available as N-Gage 2.0 support is already being developed.