Nokia 9 has yet to be made official but we’ve been hearing a lot of information about it. The smartphone is replacing the Nokia 8 to be released in the United States and it may arrive with less than desirable features. The device was first noted to have a 5MP selfie camera which is rather disappointing but now we’ve got information it will be more special with a dual camera setup.

Now that’s better because it means the front-facing camera system be more powerful as the dual rear camera setup. Usually, the main cameras are designed with the dual imaging system. It’s still uncommon but some OEMs are slowly considering the idea.

An FCC certification was sighted online that gives away the 5MP dual selfie camera. It is said to be from Chicony and is codenamed as “Chicony CKACE16”. The dual camera setup is composed of 5 megapixel sensors but they can be good enough with the F2/4 Lens and FHD1080P F2.0 lens. There is no mention if the upcoming Nokia 9 will feature Zeiss lenses.

We’re particularly interested with the Nokia 9 cameras because the updated camera app of a Nokia phone shows possible Nokia 9 features. The phone might not come with a headphone jack and the USB-C port will handle audio but when it comes to imaging, it may be another powerhouse.