The Nokia 9 had a long journey from the first time we learned about it in 2017. It’s been almost two years since we anticipated for the smartphone that was first said to feature an iris scanner and OZO spatial audio. It has since received a number of changes, although as a concept only, and it was finally unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2019) in February this year. It was after dozens of rumors, speculations, and leaks that Nokia officially launched the Nokia 9 PureView.

The phone will be out in the US and we’ve already told you the pricing details and availability. Last month, it received an early update that added Face Unlock.

This time around, another update is available that offers improved system stability, user interface enhancements, and Google Security Patch 2019-04 level. If you wish to download and install this update, make sure you use a strong WiFi connection. Cellular mobile connection is also possible but it may incur additional costs.

The software update is very much welcome but we’re wondering why there was no mention of an improved camera performance or a more secure fingerprint reader. The phone’s fingerprint scanning technology is being questioned right now because of this video:

Apparently, the smartphone’s on-screen fingerprint scanner can “read” other objects other than a fingerprint. It can be unlocked by a chewing gum pack. Another person’s finger can also be used. Wearing gloves and using a coin can also unlock the device.

So we know the in-display fingerprint sensor works but it’s not very secure. Some people are commenting there is a screen protector or the face ID may be activated as well but @decodedpixel said he tried the same with and without a screen protector. He also noted the face id is disabled. Furthermore, he said he contacted Nokia re the issue. He deleted his record and scanned fingerprints again but no improvement.

The Nokia 9 may not be secure at all but we’re not sure if this is a widespread occurrence. Let’s wait and see for Nokia to respond or release an update.


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