The phone hasn’t even reached the hands of the consumers but the Nokia 9 already has an update. No, there is no new model or variant available but only software update that is expected to improve the new phone’s performance. We can’t say the initial performance of the phone because it’s relatively new but any update or improvement is always welcome.

We can expect a few enhancements on the camera system, after all, there are five cameras at the back. New security patches have been added, as well as, Face Unlock. The changes will be added via an OTA update which will be rolling out to Nokia 9 phones any time now.

HMD Global Juho Sarvikas shared the good news that will improve further the Nokia 9 PureView Android phone. The exec shared that lots of updates are focused on image quality tuning. Some Nokia 9 users have already received the update like XDA developer Eric Hulse.

Our XDA source said the TrulySecure facial recognition has been integrated to the Nokia 9. Other Nokia phones are also expected to receive the same update.

The security feature is relatively easy to set up. Just add it as you would a new fingerprint profile. There is one downside though: you cannot use it for mobile payments.

HMD has also added the latest security updates but it’s not clear if they are February or March patches. We just shared with you the latter and we know they are only ready for the Essential Phone and the Google Pixel phones.

VIA: XDA Developers