Nokia 8 Android 8.0 Nokia beta labs

Almost three weeks ago, HMD introduced the Nokia phones beta labs program for Android 8.0 Oreo. It was launched for the Nokia 8, Nokia’s first flagship phone. We know Android Oreo will be ready for the Nokia 8 soon. Some 2,000 Nokia 8 users have signed up for the Nokia Mobile Beta Labs program according to HMD Global Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas.

In a recent tweet, Sarvikas thanked the Nokia users for their passion and feedback. Nokia listened to the suggestions of those who signed up and have taken action on them. This means the Android Oreo will be released soon not only for the Nokia 8 phone owners but to other Nokia Android users as well.

This beta program was introduced to allow Nokia 8 phone users to test the Oreo ahead of others. Feedback is requested so HMD Global could solve whatever needs to be solved. Hopefully, before the public launch, Nokia will be able to fix the issues experienced and reported by the users. The beta program’s goal is to come up with a smooth mobile experience on Android Oreo for the Nokia phone owners. With about 2,000 beta testers, we’re certain the system is fully tested and then fixed as needed.

SOURCE: Juho Sarvikas