We’re still anticipating for the Nokia 6 but we’re glad to know that it’s coming to the US. Pricing has been revealed already and we just have to wait for pre-order to open. We’re anticipating the Nokia Android phone will be ready unlocked for AT&T and T-Mobile, ready with 4G/LTE support. We’re hoping this phone will be big worldwide because we want to believe HMD Global has done everything to give Nokia a new lease in life.

The Nokia 6 has already passed Zack Nelson’s infamous Durability Test where it was scratched, burned, and bent. Mr. JerryRigEverything also did a teardown video of the smartphone because he wanted to know the build quality. He wanted to see how the Nokia 6 managed to pass his rigorous durability test. Obviously, the Nokia 6 is built to last but how exactly?

Tearing down any phone shouldn’t be heartbreaking. By now, you should be used already to the sound of cracking, scratching, and breaking of any mobile device. As for Zack, he’s probably immune to such that it’s become boring.

To start the teardown, our guy fave guy removed the SIM card tray first. He used a heat gun on the screen to see if it would lift off. Warming screen should make the panel soft and with some help from a thin metal and some cards, he was able to pry open the phone and off the frame.

Don’t touch the sides as much as possible because they are easy to break. When you see the ribbon cables, try to avoid cutting them off. Be very careful that you don’t destroy them, as well as, the menu buttons and the home button.

Making the phone strong is a solid metal mid-plate. It protects the rest of the components that’s why the device is very durable. You’ll notice the screen is still functional even if it has been detached from the sides. If you need to replace the screen, it will be very easy. Surrounding the mid-plate are 19 screws that make the phone stronger.

If you are checking to see how to repair the Nokia 6, know that this is one easy device to open. There won’t be much prying because there are those magical pull tabs that are easy to use. You don’t need any force to open further which makes the Nokia 6 a very durable and repairable phone.

Watch the video below:

SOURCE: JerryRigEverything