With the recent international release of the Nokia 6, YouTube tech blogger JerryRigEverything was receiving a lot of requests to test this newish smartphone out. Of course Jerry has become popular because of his torturing of various smartphones and mobile devices called the Scratch, Burn and Bend test, so naturally he would be putting the Nokia 6 on this challenge. Spoiler alert: the smartphone passes all three tests with flying colors, except for one tiny aspect which is the fabric covering on the earpiece.

Since the Nokia 6 has Gorilla Glass 3, it’s not surprising that it was only at Level 6 that it became scratched. Jerry’s infamous razor blade also caused damage to the rest of the metal body, but surprisingly, the fingerprint sensor and the camera lens are impervious to scratches. The burn test did affect the LCD panel of course, but it recovered pretty well, although that is also already expected. The bend test did nothing to the Nokia 6, even as he attempted to flex it both front and back.

The only thing that Jerry felt needed to be changed in this device is that the fabric covering the earpiece is a little flimsy. If you use it often enough, the adhesive may lose some of its stickiness, and fall off. It’s a minor thing compared to all the other durable parts, but still room for improvement.

This is a good thing for Nokia as it tries to reestablish itself as a strong smartphone brand after years of languishing in tech purgatory. They plan to release more devices over the next few months, so hopefully it will be as durable as this.