Fire Emblem is one of Nintendo’s more popular and mature franchises, and when the Japanese gaming giant finally announced last year that it was jumping into the mobile gaming bandwagon, we got the happy news that Fire Emblem will be one of the games they will be bringing to mobile. Now we have a launch date – February 2 – where it has been cleared up that the game will be launching on both Android and iOS platforms.

Initially, the ad for Fire Emblem Heroes – which is the name of the new game, by the way – looked like the image above. It said that Android might be first in getting the new game while the status was a vague “soon” for iOS devices. Nintendo America has clarified that now via a tweet, that the game will launch simultaneously on both platforms. We wonder what the cause of the miscommunication was, though.

The gameplay for Fire Emblem Heroes will be turn-based combat – your characters will use a grid-based map to attack and defend. Unlike the older games, however, Heroes will have smaller 8×6 grids of squares to fit in handheld devices.

The game will be free to download when it launches, but it will probably make a lot of money in selling the in-game “orbs” which you can use to randomly generate more heroes. And the color of the orbs will dictate what skills your new hero will get. Expect Nintendo to earn a lot of money with this game.

SOURCE: Nintendo