It looks like Nintendo is being true to its schedule – today we see the Japanese gaming giant’s first full Android game in Fire Emblem Heroes (because Miitomo doesn’t really count, guys). The game is now available in Japan and other territories, but Android gamers in the United States will have to wait a little bit.

As of this morning, people in Japan, Europe, and Australia have reported that they are now able to play Fire Emblem Heroes, a turn-based strategy game taken from one of Nintendo’s more popular franchises. The game has been made “friendlier” for the mobile gaming crowd – it’s bit like Final Fantasy Tactics, with a lighter story that seems to include heroes from other Fire Emblem games that have come before, with players being able to “summon” them to the present game.

The gameplay is simple, and the maps are tailor-made to fit your device in a vertical orientation. Check out the gameplay trailer above so you can see how the game actually works. Players are able to power up heroes by enhancing their relationships – this makes the characters more effective in the game.

Fire Emblem Heroes is still a free-to-play game, with IAPs. If you’re not in the said territories, a number of sources have pointed to sideloading from APK Mirror (one of the more legit APK download sites) which works even if you’re not from the territories where the game has officially launched.

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