MOO announced their NFC business cards way back in September 2012. Coming more recently however, they have released an app for Android users. The app is called NFC by MOO and can be found in the Google Play Store. In short, the app will allow you to program NFC cards (or tags). The catch is, the release of the app would probably have made much more sense if the NFC equipped business cards were actually available.

That is not to say the app isn’t capable of being used. In fact, the app is quite nice. NFC by MOO has a simple and straight forward setup that will make it easy to program NFC cards (or tags) with information to include links to a website, map or social networking profile. You can also program contact information or save a phone number so the person who scans will be able to quickly make a call. Additionally, the app lets you read and/or wipe existing cards.

I can say that the NFC by MOO app works nicely with the TecTiles, though, the Samsung app is a bit more capable in terms of programming. For example, the Samsung app will allow you to program tiles with more than one trigger. The NFC by MOO app does just one trigger per card. Still, the NFC by MOO app is really easy to use and that by itself is a nice perk. The app launches to a list of options and you basically just fill in the blanks.


Perhaps key here though, the release of this app suggests those MOO business cards with NFC may be coming back. We can hope anyway. We have yet to see an update on the NFC business card page though and as of now it still just has the sign up to be notified teaser available. While we wait for the cards, you can grab the NFC by MOO app in the Google Play Store (link).