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Samsung TecTile 2 tags arrive with GALAXY S 4 support

The GALAXY S 4 was discovered to be incompatible with the current line of NFC TecTile tags a few weeks earlier. At that time...

GALAXY S 4 incompatible with current line of Samsung NFC TecTile tags

The Samsung TecTile tags are not a terribly expensive item, however it looks like those who are using the tags and also upgrading from...

Using NFC and not even thinking about mobile payments

The title of this post may be a bit of a stretch. Truth be told, I do like the idea of mobile payments, specifically...

Samsung launches TecTile version 3.0 for expanded NFC capability

Samsung has just pushed a new version of its TecTile application to Google Play. TecTile is Samsung's app that works with its programmable NFC...

Samsung announces TecTiles to bring NFC to the masses

While Samsung's Galaxy S III is getting ready to hit the US in full stride on multiple carriers this month, they've also just announced...

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