So you’ve got one of those fancy Yellow Nexus S 4G units, huh? You love it so much that you take it and you blast the crap out of the benchmarking systems and leave them crying in the dust. Aka you’re Simms22, and you love to update your system. You’re in luck, there’s a new official one coming down the road, and it’s called GRJ90. Fun for everyone!

This update is supposed to be coming out on the 11th of this month, July 2011, and will contain several up-front changes that’ll make your experience all the more Nexus-tastic. You’ll be getting an NFC Secure Element (which I’m sure you’ll be using in the future,) a widget that’ll allow you to adjust your 4G settings, TTY support, NI Push Support (PRL an Device Configuration,) and MORE. What’s more? Connectivity improvements including tuned signal strength indicators, improved wi-fi connectivity, and 4G throughput and signal acquisition. AND a bonus improvement to speaker phone audio quality.

This update will be coming to you over a four day period (we’re thinking each person will get the update all at once, the four day period being the amount of time before everyone HAS the update.) This four day period will start with 5% of the Nexus S 4G population getting the update first, followed by 25%, 25% more, and 100% by four days after 7.11.11.

This update will be coming in the natural way, that being an update right in your face on your device without you asking for it – but if you’d like to check, you’ve just got to go to home – settings – about phone, and scroll to the bottom of your screen to find that your software version is GRJ90 – that means you’re up!

[via S-Feed]