Who loves their Nexus 7 with that powerful NVIDIA quad-core processor and all those HD games but sometimes wish they had an easy way to use a game controller? There’s a few different gamepads available and Archos has their own idea in mind, but the folks from Instructables have made this awesome homemade gamepad controller and stand using a PS3/Xbox controller — and it is awesome.

What you see above is the awesome and budget friendly Google Nexus 7 tablet that many of you should already own (if not, enter our giveaway) then they use some crafty handwork and mount it right to a PS3 controller for the ultimate Android gaming experience. Awesome right?

In case you aren’t familiar with Instructables.com they show you step-by-step instructions on how to make things with their tagline “share what you make.” So after we saw this awesome Nexus 7 mod we had to share it with our readers — since we know many of you have the awesome little tablet. To make the awesome device you see above this is all you’ll need:

– Nexus 7 Tablet – $200
– PS3 / Xbox controller – $50

For the Mount
– 1/8″ dia x 48″ Mild Steel Rod -$3 (OR 1/8″ dia x 48″ Copper Rod)
– 48″ of 1/8″ MDPC Expandable Tubing – Comes in packs of 20′ rolls for $7
– This is the stuff that people use to manage cables inside of computers. But you want to have a flexible tube that won’t scratch your device.

– 1/8″ Heat Shrink Tubing – $2
For some grippy stuff and to clean up the ends.

So for those who already have a Nexus 7 as well as a Xbox or PS3 controller this mod will only cost you a few dollars from your nearest hardware store. Get a few vice grips, some tough muscles and you’ll be ready to enjoy Dead Trigger, Shadowgun, or even the brand new Beach Buggy Blitz with an awesome controller instead. A full set of instructions can be followed by clicking here.

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[via OMGDroid]