Archos has had a busy month here in August with their new lineup of Android tablets. One however that completely went under the radar has finally been unveiled this morning. Archos just announced their all new ultimate gaming tablet they are calling the Archos GamePad. This is a 7-inch dual-core tablet with built-in physical controls and analog sticks. Check it out below.

Archos is calling this “a new type of tablet experience” by bringing dedicated game controls to Android. You have dedicated buttons and even analog sticks for precision driving in games like Asphalt 7: Heat. As you can clearly see above this has the usual Archos look with a little added gaming presence. You can see the usual analog sticks, d-pad, and 4 button options but then there’s an addition two buttons we aren’t too sure about. The Archos GamePad will have full access to the Google Play Store, will be running on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, and they’ve designed a dedicated mapping system to make every game run with ease.

Under the hood the gaming tablet will rock an unknown 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and the Mali 400mp quad-core GPU for gaming graphics. Most likely this will be a Texas Instruments processor but we can’t be sure at this point. Archos also points out they’ve developed a mapping and game recognition tool that will automatically make almost all popular and recent Android games fully compatible with their GamePad, and users can customize it to their liking too. Archos claims over 1000 popular games already have full support and work great.

We don’t have any additional details at this time but Archos promises their all new next-gen gaming tablet will be available starting at the end of October for less than 150 Euros. That equals out to be around $179 USD. Expect us to get one in for a full Android Community review so stay tuned.



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