This weekend the official docking station for the Nexus 7 made by ASUS has leaked to the internet. We’ve seen reports and hints at a dock coming soon, but this appears to be rather legit. Official accessories have been pretty rare but thanks to ASUS Japan we now have another look at this upcoming docking station for our favorite Android tablet.

The image above was found on the ASUS Japan official website with a release date stated as “early December” but so far we have no other details at this point. The same image was leaked back in July but we’ve not heard anything since. This will be a landscape only docking station with a few audio options to go along with it. There’s no HDMI-out or anything of that sort sadly, but the image does show micro-USB for the obvious charging. Then we see the 3.5mm audio port for playing that Google Music and more.

So far there hasn’t been any official accessories for the Nexus 7 from ASUS or Google aside from a few rather bland cases. They didn’t offer the smart case option with them, and those seeking better options have had to rely on 3rd party accessories. The Google Nexus 7 has the usual 3 pogo pins on the side for docking, but we’ve not yet been able to enjoy that “feature.”

It looks like those docking pins will finally be put to use here soon if this leak is any indication. According to ASUS Japan the new Nexus 7 landscape dock station will be available in early December, but we don’t have an actual date to report just yet. The dock is listed at a retail price of 3,480 Japanese Yen, which comes out to around $41 for us here in the US. hopefully Google puts this on the Play Store soon (since it’s already early December) for a price right around $39. Who’s interested?

[via ASUS Japan] — Thanks to everyone who sent this in!