With the announcement of the Nexus 5, a lot of interested buyers have been wondering when Google‘s latest smartphone will be making its way to their favorite carriers. While T-Mobile earlier left a rather vague message that the smartphone will be available in the coming weeks, this latest leak puts a definite timestamp on that schedule.

It comes as no surprise that Android fans are quite eager to get their hands on this latest Nexus device, which, as often is the case, represents what other Android devices should be aspiring for. The Nexus 5 combines the top of the line hardware found on the LG G2, sans the rear buttons, with a pure Android experience as defined by Google. The hardware is, indeed, quite topnotch, as you can read in our brief hands-on of the smartphone. You can follow the latest news on our Nexus 5 tag portal while waiting for our more in-depth device review.

Immediately after the device launched, T-Mobile made an official statement expressing their commitment to making the Nexus 5 available to their customers. While this photo of what is supposedly a retail planning guide doesn’t really dive much into details, it marks November 20 as the day when the Nexus 5 launches on all retail channels, as previously stated by T-Mobile. The carrier also mentioned that it will available on its Simple Choice Plan or via a JUMP! upgrade.

If this leak is given credence, then T-Mobile subscribers practically have just two weeks to wait for the Nexus 5. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for those on Verizon’s network, as the carrier has yet again refused to carry a Nexus device.

VIA: TmoNews