A new Verizon commercial about the HTC Thunderbolt has hit the airwaves and it’s focus is how fast it can work on the Verizon 4G network. The ad, shows presents a near real time capability of the phone to transmit video over the Verizon network as it’s user attaches it to a radio controlled helicopter in order to broadcast a message of a party he’s having that night. Then, with the party in full swing, users are treated to a music video that is wirelessly streamed from the Thunderbolt to a video projector screen. Verizon is clearly positioning the Thunderbolt to those who feel the need for speed. But is the Thunderbolt really THAT fast, or is it a case of commercial artistic license?

The Thunderbolt is plenty fast. SlashGear recently tested the Thunderbolt’s speed over 4G and found it to be lightning quick with a download speed of over 7 Mbps and upload speed of an incredible 27.59 Mbps. Even in hotspot mode, the Thunderbolt rocks at nearly 19 mbps down and 4.39 mbps up. The connections where with an iPhone 4 and a MacBook Pro working through the Thunderbolt in hotspot mode, making it a really viable option for multiple connections with little lag.

But all that speed comes at a price. Vince over at SlashGear also found, battery life doesn’t even last half the day. While testing the smartphone’s computing capability, SlashGear found that the Thunderbolt, coming off a fresh full charge, was able to perform basic email, internet browsing, and some social networking through the day and dying out after just under three hours of use. That’s with no phone calls, or shooting some amazing HD video, or even WiFi. It’s just using the Verizon 4G/LTE network connection. But when Vince tested it using the 4G network in concert with WiFi, the results are much more promising as the TBolt enjoys well over twice as much battery life as relying on 4G/LTE alone. Clearly, the results are pretty slick in the quality of it’s speed and performance, but it seems that the guy throwing the party had better either have a backup Thunderbolt to switch out with, or it’s going to be an early night.