The first time an NVIDIA SHIELD remote was mentioned here was back in 2016 when it was sighted together with a game controlled at the FCC. It’s made more affordable and better over the years. The latest version of the SHIELD REMOTE has been introduced but will be available in 2020. Listed on the NVIDIA Shield shop is a new version of the remote that is more advanced with new features and improvements. The remote is now motion-activated and comes with backlit buttons. It also comes with a microphone for voice control and search.

The new NVIDIA SHIELD remote boasts a built-in lost remote locator. It has an IR for TV control and Bluetooth connectivity. The price is set at only $29.99 while item availability will be the end of January next year.

NVIDIA announced the new Shield TV and TV Pro last month after several leaks. We had our hands-on feature of the NVIDIA SHIELD TV (2019). Check the link.

The NVIDIA SHIELD Remote works for the NVIDIA SHIELD set-top boxes. It boasts a triangular shape that will remind you of a Toblerone. There are numerous buttons as expected.

With the built-in locator, we can guarantee you the remote will not be lost. Even if you do, it’s fine because the remote is affordable. New features you can find on the new SHIELD remote are the following: power key, user-programmable multipurpose button, proper volume controls, play/pause, rewind, and fast-forward. There is also a dedicated Netflix button that can be re-mapped according to your preference.


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