Owners of the HTC EVO 3D are clearly selective consumer who only appreciate smartphone hardware with 50% more dimensions than the standard two. Think how much more they’ll appreciate them with Ice Cream Sandwich. Yes, in addition to ported ROMs and other leaks, you can now try out HTC’s official Android 4.0 build, by way of an RUU file. Many thanks to BriefMobile, who leaked and posted the file themselves.

This latest leak comes as one of HTC’s proprietary ROM Update Utilities, a ROM and installer wrapped up into one Windows EXE file (Mac and Linux users need not apply). Just put your phone into debug mode, plug it into your computer, make sure you’ve got the correct drivers, run the program, and wait. Keep in mind that this will technically void your warranty, but you should be in the clear if you get back on the “official” path when the software OTA becomes available.

We don’t have an EVO 3D to test it on, but it’s a pretty fair bet that the 1.13 update includes the same Sense 3.6 interface that’s been popping up in other, older HTC phones with ICS upgrades. If that’s not good enough, you can try out this One S adapted ROM, or just go out and buy an EVO 4G LTE. You know, now that the ITC says you can.

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[via Phandroid]