OPPO officially launched the R11 together with R11 plus flagship phones a couple of months ago. The smartphone has received a ColorOS update which is supposed to make things better. Unfortunately, there is one change that others may be disappointed with: the removal of notifications from the status bar. The Oppo R11 is expected to display notifications on the said location but an update removed the feature.

Ausdroid noted this problem and the website quickly asked OPPO Australia for feedback to which they were told the bad news: “With the status bar, the notifications are no longer displayed there to give the phone a clean look and feel”. Some users can only scratch their heads because they’ve been using the feature for several years now only to find it gone with an update.

We haven’t gotten a preview of the ColorOS 3.1 but it’s interesting to read about early previews and even complaints. The OPPO R11 is one of the Chinese OEMs latest flagship offerings. OPPO is actually one of the few fast-selling brands in the mobile market today especially in China, India, and Europe. It’s taking bigger portions of the industry, rivaling LG, ZTE, and TCL Alcatel. Changing some major features in the OS may affect sales or trust ratings but we’re hoping OPPO reconsiders.