So the LG Revolution is out on Verizon, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s got Netflix on it standard. That means it’s on it right out of the box. This is a joyous announcement for all those wishing to use their Netflix accounts to stream over HDMI from their Android phones, a thing that most certainly was not a possibility in the past. So how does it look? This is a question you’ll be asking once you realize how awesome it could be to have Netflix on your LG Revolution – thusly we’ve got a demo for you.

What this demo consists of is Arrested Development playing on the LG Revolution from Netflix over Wifi. As you’ll soon see, it’s not the best quality in the world. This should perhaps have been expected as Netflix is new to Android, but why in the world would they release such a stuffy stream on such a brand new phone? We’re hoping for vast improvements on this in the near future since very oppositional brands have Netflix working basically dust-free over Wifi and have for quite a while. And I want to use my HDMI port for more than just watching Tron!

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Also note that we’ll have a full review of this device up for you soon. Meanwhile you should look at our hands-on and unboxing post and check out how to convert a movie with skill and grace for playing with your HDMI-capable devices. You could play Speed Racer on your XOOM, you could roll out with your DROID Charge, and more! Meanwhile, what else do you want to know about this new Netflix for Android app and/or the LG Revolution?