This week the folks at SlashGear have gotten their hands on a brand new oddity in the Android universe – an NVIDIA Tegra 3 7-inch tablet made for kids! This tablet runs Android 4.0.4 with a custom user interface made by the folks at Fuhu, all of it directed at kids – complete with parent controls galore. This device also has a lovely red rubbery bumper which protects the device at all times. Does this look like the magic-maker for your kid at home?

This device is the second of its kind, the nabi 2 replacing the old original nabi with a whole lot of specification boosts and no price increase – it’s all still just $199 in the end! This tablet’s software brings on a look we’ve only ever seen in the first nabi tablet, custom-made for this device and ready to rock for your child or the kid in you – big icons for easy tapping galore.

Other than that, you’ve got a device made specifically for kids – this means the display is great, but not perfect (the viewing angles aren’t all that good), and the software you can work with is limited unless you’ve got the ability to be creative. If you’re a kid, or if you’re getting this tablet for your kid, you’ll be relying on the nabi app store to pick up everything you want and need for this tablet – and it’s not half bad!

You’ll also have this device’s built-in apps which range from Veggie Tales to Riptide GP – every kid’s dream collection! Be sure to have a peek at the full hands-on and review of this device over at SlashGear. There’s nothing quite like a quad-core processor to give your child the power he or she needs to run a monster of a tablet, then seeing them play nothing but the built-in version of Angry Birds all day long! You’ll rest easy knowing that no matter what they say, they can no longer claim that their toy isn’t as good as yours – it’s got the same NVIDIA power inside, after all!


  1. my son is 2 years old and loves this tablet he’s breezes thru video, coloring and refuses to put it down for a second. it might be great to buy another tablet for that same price, but you run the risk of inappropriate ads or app appearing to your child, i love this tablet because it comes with $200 worth of apps just the child and it grows with them.

  2. So far I am hating the Nabi 2. The lack of content is just excruciating. I have an ipad and hubby has a Kindle Fire, needless to say my son will still be begging for those. If you want a video or music player this would be an ok device. However, if you actually want to use apps with a young child (2yrs), keep looking. All of the free apps come with warnings about them using gps to located the device, sorry but in a device that is dedicated for a young child that is a deal breaker. So far I haven’t found one that didn’t warn of inappropriate ad content. Even the apps labeled for age 2 are not age appropriate. For older kids, this may be a good substitute. For younger kids, keep looking.

  3. If you find the app store limiting you can download the ‘amazon appstore’ which has a great range of free or paid apps!! It has all the rovio apps like angry birds,amazing alex and bad piggies… And theres a free (normally paid) app everyday!

  4. Fuhu keeps saying they are ‘working’ on getting Google Play, but never get anywhere. Why is it that every cheap Chinese tablet on PriceAngels can come with Google Play, but not the Nabi 2? Fuhu’s empty Play store promises are a bit much a year after I bought the tablet.


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