If you’ll recall all the way back in mid-April on the 19th, we had an early-early look at the completely awesome jetski racing game by the name of Riptide GP. This is a game we got to see first all the way back at CTIA 2011 being demoed on the T-Mobile / LG G-slate, a device we then got to review and use for our own initial review then and again for our final review now. Riptide GP is a game that’s both massively impressive and expansive in its graphics and ultra-simple in its gameplay. Steer your vehicle and win, experience the color fantasy.

This game is unique in that while you are racing using the entire device as your steering mechanism, you’re racing on a road of water. You’ll feel completely unique in your attack of the track while you splash and goosh through a track like you’ve never seen of felt before. Certainly there have been racing games that’ve taken place on the water in the past, but absolutely positively never on a level of impressiveness as this.

First let me show you the video of the review we did back in mid-April. Notice the background, the colors, and the waves, and get ready to compare them to the now current version of the game:

[vms ebea991d8b1232f8a8ca]

Now have a look at the update. Everything is just a LITTLE bit better it seems, that extra little push into excellent turning the game into one that’s not to be forgotten. Note that we’re again using the G-Slate to take a peek at this app and that the app is available for ANY device that’s got an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor inside, not just tablets, but that we recommend you use a tablet for the win.

[vms 767cffec0e513ae886df]

If you head over to the Android Market (or the Tegra Zone) and find Vector Unit, you’ll see that Riptide GP comes in a full version for $6.99 or a FREE DEMO that you can download for FREE. Now you’ve got NO reason not to try this mother out. Go get it!


  1. This has proven to be my favorite game on Honeycomb so far. It’s polished, stable, and fun as well as challenging if you increase the difficulty.


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