The MyGlass app was last updated three years ago when Google decided to hide wallpapers and keyboard input inside. This companion app for the Google Glass was taught by some to be discontinued but it is still working. The tech giant recently released an update to the app and is now available for download from the Google Play Store and APK Mirror.

The firmware update for MyGlass brings a number of bug fixes. We don’t know why it took three years before the next update is released but it’s here now for the faithful and remaining users of the Glass. You can now pair the Glass with most Bluetooth-connected devices such as keyboards. The update also brings notification syncing plus enhanced power management.

This update is said to be only a minor update. It may be minor for Google but for MyGlass users, it already is a major one after many years. Optimizations on the battery can now be disabled while the Notification Sync will no longer ask for you to disable it on Android Wear.

Performance enhancements and error fixes and can be expected so if you still have your pair, download this update and try playing with the Google Glass again.You may notice that target ASK is also updated to API 22 from API 17 which means small  changes have been released albeit quietly.

SOURCE: Google


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