Google has recently updated the MyGlass companion app. While it would have been nicer to see an update that more users would be able to take advantage of — this one does bring an interesting new feature. And if nothing else, it does give future Google Glass users something to look forward to seeing. This latest MyGlass update adds the ability to remotely control Google Glass using the app on your smartphone.

Google has this listed as being “remote control/input for screencast.” While that is not all that great of a breakdown, further details reveal how you will now be able to touch, swipe and tap to control the Glass user interface using the screencast experience. Simply put, you can now remotely control Google Glass using the app on your smartphone.

This seems to take away some of the convenience of Glass — being able to leave your phone in your pocket, but we do see some value. After all, there are likely times when the voice commands and head gestures would seem inappropriate. Bottom line here, those with Google Glass will now have another method of controlling the still unavailable-to-the-public wearable. Those with Glass will be able to grab the latest MyGlass app update from the Play Store.

With that in mind, there has been some other Google Glass related news. In specific, some news about a Google Glass app store coming next year. The details are still on the light side, however it looks like Glass users will be able to find a store setup similar to the existing Play Store. There hasn’t been any solid timeline in terms of a release for this store, however with these being limited to developers that is likely not as much of a concern for most users.

As for public availability, that is looking like it will be happening in 2014. The pricing still remains a mystery, but it has been determined that Best Buy will not be launching Glass for $299. Of course, we are still hoping to see Glass arrive priced close to that point. Google has yet to comment and that price has been by way of analyst reports and other rumors.

SOURCE: Google Play Store