We know Motorola is geared up to launch several handsets in the relatively near future, among them being “the first smartphone you can design yourself,” the Moto X. Also anticipated is a DROID Ultra and some other handsets under the Ultra line. It is possible that two Motorola handsets that have surfaced at the FCC are part of that series.

Unfortunately, the FCC filings don’t provide enough information to tell what the XT1030 and XT1080 are, but does show some of the specs, which include a plethora of various wireless technologies all jammed into one smartphone: Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11ac, WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100, LTE bands 4 and 13, and EVDO Rev A. Beyond that, the only other information shown is that the XT1080, not surprisingly, is larger than the XT1030.

Speculation has it that these could be Ultra handsets that have cropped up, but there’s no way to know at this point, so we’ll have to wait for some details to leak or for Motorola to start rolling the devices out, whichever comes first. Given the LTE bands supported by the handsets, we’ll be seeing these at Verizon.

Yesterday, we reported on some sources who claim the Moto X will not be a DROID-branded offering on Verizon, an interesting, yet not surprising, twist on the typical Verizon DROID flagship exclusives that are common. Teaser advertisements for the handset are rolling out this week, but we’re yet to see any images of smartphone.

Word has it the Moto X will feature quite a few color customization options, with leaks hitting the Web earlier today showing images said to be of various color choices consumers will have. There’s also speculation that the Moto X will be priced at a low rate sans contract, somewhere in the $199 range. Motorola’s Dennis Woodside had hinted at this during the D11 conference, saying that he feels the industry is open to the company “building a low-cost, high-quality market.”

SOURCE: Engadget