An advertisement for the Moto X smartphone was revealed yesterday afternoon. That ad is running in several newspapers today and it looks like that is only the beginning of the campaign for the Moto X. We still have yet to see specifics on the phone itself, however Motorola has launched an official coming soon style teaser page.

Sadly, similar to that newspaper advertisement — we are still not seeing any images of the phone. What we have instead lives up to the teaser name in that it is really just a place where you can trade your email address in exchange for the promise of getting additional details when they come available.

Of course, you can rest assured in knowing you will get those same details from the crew here at Android Community. Otherwise, this teaser page basically recaps some of the text we saw in that newspaper advertisement and concludes with Motorola saying the will let you know what else they are up to — that is assuming you give them an email address.

Motorola has this page listed as being a “4th of July Promo Page” which would lead one to believe this is just the first of many advertisements we will be seeing for the Moto X smartphone. One thing is for certain, they are really pushing the bit about the handset being assembled in the US and as being designed by you.

The first smartphone designed, engineered and assembled in the USA is coming.

It’s also the first smartphone that you can design yourself. Because today you should have the freedom to design the things in your life to be as unique as you are.

And this is just the beginning. By the end of the summer we expect there to be more than 2000 new employees in Ft. Worth, TX working to make all of this possible. Imagine what else you can do when you have the world’s best design, engineering and manufacturing talent located here in the USA.

Going back to a point we mentioned yesterday, that whole design bit remains a mystery for now though we suspect this will have more to do with exterior color options as opposed to internal hardware. While we wait for more from Motorola, we are at least happy to see them kicking off this campaign and hopefully putting an end to some of the rumors we have been seeing.

SOURCE: Motorola, Twitter