So you fancy yourself one of those silver-backed Motorola XOOM tablets from Europe, do you? Perhaps you’ve been antsy to see what the release date on the UK version was, yes? Perhaps you’d like a bunch of information about the Motorola XOOM over on your side of the pond all in one handy-dandy place? Perhaps somewhere like a single blog post? We’ve got one of those right here!

First of all, lets discuss the price on the XOOM via PC World, a retailer set up in the UK. The price on the pre-order of this lovely device was £449.99 yesterday, but today has jumped to £499.99. Although this may seem just horrible, PC World will maintain, if you ask them, that the original page with this price wasn’t meant to be seen by mere mortals, as evidenced by a lack of a purchase button. Truth! This listing is for the the Wifi-only version of the tablet and PC World says that this will be the very first opportunity people in Europe will have to own the device.

On the other hand, your friendly retailer Carphone Warehouse will have the UK 3G version of the Honeycomb tablet somewhere inside April, but aside from a page where you can click allegiance to the cause, no more evidence of a price or actual solid date are to be found.

Finally, no matter where you get your XOOM, just so long as you’re in Europe and you’re getting the tablet inside April, the device will instantly have Adobe Flash Player. Lucky you! That is, if you don’t consider the fact that by that time, everyone else who has a XOOM will also have the same flash capability. Fun!

BONUS: The same fellow who brings you the lovely information about the XOOM having flash right away in the UK also notes that he has information that leads him to believe the tablet will be £499 in the UK. Probably his source is the same as ours on that (again, PC World.)

And all of this with a lovely silvery metal behind!