One of the most important things you can do when it comes to listing a product on the internet is to make sure the numbers are correct. One of the most important place in a listing of a product for the numbers to be correct is in the price of the product. If the price of a product, especially one so well-covered as the XOOM, costs one price one day, then another price the next, people are going to notice. That sort of thing went down today at PC World where yesterday the price of the Motorola XOOM Wifi version cost £449.99 yesterday, and £499.99 today. Not the best thing to be revealed on the day Apple announces their new iPad to be costing the same $499 USD as it did when it didn’t have a 2 listed after it.

This is of course the UK listing of the item, and again, PC World is only one retailer, but the echos of this mistake will be heard in the halls of Android for at least a few days, we assure you. Now to get down to comparing the two powerhouse tablets to one another to decide which one we’re going to buy. Is that really the decision most people will be making? You be the judge.

Take a peek at our initial Motorola XOOM vs iPad 2 post to see how this battle will go down, commenting if you dare on how the choice might ultimately be between operating systems, not hardware, as the prices seem to be rapidly approaching an even point. Or perhaps the weight of the tablets is your sort of thing – or the thickness?

— thanks for the tip, Theo!