Remember the 15 second preview for the Motorola XOOM / Android 3.0 Honeycomb commercial we showed you a couple days ago? Now we’ve got the whole thing. It’s just been shown during a break in the Superbowl, depicting what we already know, an array of Podlings walking to a train, an outsider amongst them wielding a Motorola XOOM tablet. What happens after that is where it gets weird.

Once the group and the individual fellow get to where they’re going, you realize they’ve been heading to work. Each of their cubicles is even more shut off from one another than the gray-sided cubes you’re used to from Office Space. These are enclosed in windows on all sides, and the point that each person wearing iPod earbuds is closed off from everyone else is pushed hard.

One of the female Podlings is singled out, her earbuds in her ears, her eyes blank. The XOOM man has a bouquet of flowers that he takes a photo of with the tablet, and uses to create an animated video. This video he sends to the lady’s unidentified desktop computer, and the man appears at her cube, like a creeper. At this point she pulls the plugs out of her ears that looks up, and they ARE IN LOVE.

The messages at the end of the video is “THE TABLET TO CREATE A BETTER WORLD” and “Motorola XOOM with Google – The world’s first Android 3.0 tablet.” Take a peek at the full at here:

[Via ShareMoto]