Remember the advertisement we showed you a few days ago, the one that everyone was thinking was going to be the Superbowl ad for Motorola? It had a planet, some words floating toward the screen, black and white converting to color, and a joke about how 2011 wont be like 1984 – a direct calling out of Apple and its followers (aka Podlings, called thus because of their tendency to have those white iPod earbuds in their ears all day long.) Turns out now that either Motorola didn’t mean for that ad to leak, and has quickly made up another one, or that ad was just a pre-preview for the real ad, which they’re now just previewing here.

Take a look at the ad, see the similarities to the one from the other day. Still making fun of Apple, now showing the podlings with all their sameness walking around in a bus station. This is only a 15 second clip of the full commercial – will it be enough to turn the hoards of Apple fans back from their everloving iDevice lives? Or will Motorola’s XOOM tablet only work on those already outside the Apple circle?

Check out both ads below, the newest one first, second is second, Apple’s original 1984 commercial is last.