So you’ve rooted your Motorola XOOM and you’re having an awesome time doing everything you’ve ever wanted to do on a giant screen. Then it hits you – a post saying that in order to grab yourself a [4G LTE upgrade from Verizon], you’re gonna have to return that tablet back to stock. Oh noes! Your life would be ever so much more simple if you just had an easy-to-use file that’d essentially do it with a single click — oh my goodness, that’s what we’ve got right here.

This whole situation is made possible by Motorola’s generous unlockable boot loader on the XOOM – now that everyone is rolling around with spikes all over their hands and feet inside their devices, it’s very VERY nice to be able to have what we’ve got here: the stock SBF file. With this file, you’ll be able to use RSD lite to move your device back to the original factory settings. Has this file been send unto the world by Motorola or Verizon officially? No way. Will it be released officially sometime in the future? Possibly, but probably not.

A much more likely situation is that this file has indeed been released accidentally – even though Motorola has allowed you to unlock your device whenever you like, this sort of file is not oft let loose on purpose – guarantees, and all that.

To grab the files you need to bop your device back to stock, head over to the following multi-upload site: [AYQMI1KXLU] or for RSD 4.9 head to this Megaupload instead: [N1MPCX1U]. Then feel free to go back on over to the original XDA thread for further details from the folks that originally discovered this awesome situation.

[via XDA Forums]



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