Before we continue, lets again be clear that this update does not GIVE YOU Flash Player, it only paves the way for you to be able to download and work your Flash Player download which will be available officially on March 18th via the Android Marketplace. In addition to Adobe Flash Player 10.2 support, this update includes improvements to daylight savings time. Weird! Below we’ve got a video sent in by a fan of Aphex Twin that appears to be the download screen leading to the update.

This dude has great taste in music as well as apps (he’s got the Android Community app!) We must say though that he needs to get his camera work in order – what a dork! What we can tell from this video is that the update takes less than 5 minutes, and has a neato Android with gears greeting you whilst you wait.

To get this update for yourself, just wait on it! There aren’t just a whole heck of a lot of people out there with XOOM tablets quite yet (more than likely, comparatively with say, Nexus S machines,) so you wont have to wait too long to receive it if you haven’t already. The update will pop up on your screen no matter what you happen to be doing while you’re waiting for it, so feel free to continue playing Monster Madness.

Murder some spiders for us!

UPDATE: you can now also grab the update from or

DOUBLE UPDATE: actually no matter what you read, this update is just OTA, you’ll have to wait for it. So just chill till the next episode, etc.



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