Behold a fabulous kernel that’s been modified to allow YOU usage of the SD card slot on your Motorola XOOM. It’s called Tiamat, and word on the street is that the dude who’s one of the main creators of this lovely beast has used bits and pieces of code from the Asus Eee Pad Transformer to push the Motorola XOOM another step closer to perfection. Perfection, I tell you!

Now you’ll be able to take that XOOM that you got completely free and clear from us here at Android Community and the fine folks over at NVIDIA, and you can use that slot to load all your favorite oddities. You’ll be loading this and that and whatever you like with all the ease in the world. On the other hand, everyone knows that rooting and booting kernels and all that good stuff isn’t for everyone, so perhaps this isn’t the solution for you.

If you ARE the kind of person who likes to live in the wild side and wipe their systems clean and buff out the insides for a chance at eternal hacking glory, consult the oracle. The oracle in this case is bigrushdog, a fellow who’s sitting pretty over at XDA Developers just waiting to provide you with Tiamat for your goodness. Use caution! And don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Also note – you need to reboot once you put your SD card in for it to show up, so it’s not PERFECT, but it works!

[via XDA Developers Forum]