Whoa, what do we have here. It looks like Asus has already released the source code for the yet-to-be released Asus Transformer Tablet/Laptop. Check out the fancy Transformer in our very own Hands-On. Asus recently released a website all about the Transformer, and now things just got even better.

In case you were wondering, the Asus EEE Pad Transformer is basically a top of the line Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet with some very nice specs. 10″ IPS Display is a nice one, the usual Tegra 2 dual-core beast, along with all those other treats you’d expect in a good, quality tablet. But like the Motorola Atrix it plugs into a keyboardish device making it a full blown tablet and a laptop. Neato! Recently just the tablet showed up at Best Buy for $400 just for the device making it a great price compared to the Xoom, other than it only having 16GB of storage vs the 32GB on the Xoom, but for $400 I’d be saying goodbye to the iPad 2 (if I’d even get one in the first place).

Let me remind you all that the Transformer is not even on store shelves (in the states at least), so this is pretty fast for them to release the source code. Some manufactures I wont mention *cough* thunderbolt *cough* should take notice of how fast Asus has done this. I wish everyone else would do the same. The source seems to be struggling so follow here, go to downloads, android and then expand the source code entry. – thanks for the tip, Jack!


  1. What do you mean “is not even on store shelves” – it went on sale yesterday in the UK and some of the guys at XDA are getting them – and that was before the code was released.


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