So the Motorola Xoom launched and all those 3G Verizon models were promised a hardware upgrade to 4G LTE within 3 months I believe was the time frame given. I don’t know if my math is wrong but I’ve had mine for far longer than 3 months. We have been kept in the dark regarding the hardware upgrade for the most part back in June users started getting emails for the upgrade.

Sadly those emails were a mistake and they were most likely testing the system before the upgrade goes live. We still are waiting for some official comments from Motorola because as it stands they haven’t said much of anything. With the Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G LTE launching this week there is more than a few angry Xoom owners so Motorola and Verizon better get busy.

I reached out to Verizon Support late last week and all I got in reply was check out this link. I don’t think that is anything new, it’s simply just an email sign up page. Singing up you get the same story in your inbox — “Coming Soon” and they leave it at that. (Shakes finger at Verizon)

Even though the sign up page says the upgrade will be here in no time flat, I’m still having a hard time believing it. So for now I’ll sit here with my sad face and hope Motorola and Verizon get on the ball sometime this month — or next.

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