Well it looks like the wait continues. Yesterday we reported that several Verizon Xoom owners were receiving emails from Motorola requesting they send in their Xooms for the 4G upgrade. Today Motorola says those emails shouldn’t have gone out and that there is still not a hard date for the upgrades to begin.

Motorola promised customers purchasing the Verizon 3G enabled Xoom they would be able to upgrade to Verizon’s shiny new LTE soon after launch. It’s been more than three months now since the tablet’s release and no word, but with the comment that this email was a mistake came some idea. Moto says that the upgrade will come sometime this summer. While it isn’t much compared to the let down that the email isn’t real time frames are better than sitting in the dark.

A very small number of Motorola XOOM users recently received an email from Motorola regarding the 4G LTE upgrade process. While we are very excited about being able to offer the upgrade this summer, and know our customers are equally excited about the benefits that 4G LTE speeds will bring to their Motorola XOOM, the email was sent in error. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused, and look forward to being able to share more specifics on how — and when — users can take advantage of 4G LTE on their Motorola XOOM in the near future.

The response came from Phandroid, who also point out that the accidental email could be an indication that Motorola is getting ready to start the upgrade, as they have an email composed, and ready to send. We’re still not sure what’s taking so long to get the upgrade ready though. Nvidia’s recent claim that the Tegra 2 is fully compatible with LTE and the several delays and redesign of Moto’s Droid Bionic seem to indicate something about LTE isn’t the easiest to work with. With the kind of speeds people are reporting on Verizon’s version of 4G, the wait may yet prove to be worth it.

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