All you Motorola Xoom 3G owners may have some exciting news hitting your inbox in the next few days. I wont call it 4G because it still isn’t a 4G device, not to mention that the saying “first 4G LTE tablet” is no longer something Motorola can claim since the Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE took that crown. New reports are suggesting the Verizon and Motorola 4G LTE hardware upgrade is now ready to start for the Xoom.

First we saw the Xoom 4G LTE clear the FCC in July and thought it was coming soon, turns out that wasn’t the case and we wouldn’t see it until September even though Verizon’s website said the update was coming in “no time flat”. A few readers are now reporting they have boxed up and shipped off their Motorola Xoom tablets to Motorola to receive the much anticipated upgrade.

The Xoom 4G LTE upgrade will be starting early possibly as soon as next week for “business” and “government” Xoom owners. They have had plenty of time to test the upgrade process but we are hearing this is a “pilot” test of the entire ordeal before the masses get access to the update. Just as expected the upgrade will be free of charge and will be initiated by an email with instructions from Motorola. There are also reports Motorola will send users a pre-paid FedEx shipping box to safely transport your Xoom to the upgrade facilities. Sounds like a lot of work if you ask me.

A free upgrade is always welcome, just to bad its taking this long to get everything sorted out. I’d also recommend you backup all user data before sending it off, as it will most likely get wiped out before they return it, just a thought. More details at the via below.

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[via Droid-Life]