The Motorola Xoom 3G may not be getting the 4G upgrade until September, but at least the Android 3.2 Honeycomb update is hitting devices. Earlier in the week we mentioned it may be starting initial soak tests to make sure everything went smooth and it appears users are now starting to get the update via OTA notification.

Verizon stated the update was officially coming soon on the 2nd with updates to the support page shown in the link so things are finally official. Users should be able to check for updates right on the device from the settings>about tablet>check for updates tab and the update will start.

It’s better late than never right? If you don’t know what to expect with the 3.2 update check out our Android 3.2 Guide real quick. With official 7″ device support, zoom-able applications and full SD support things are looking good. Now all these Xoom owners need to finally be upgraded to the 4G LTE that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE is enjoying.

Xoom owners start hitting that update button as it should be appearing any time now.

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