Today I have the king of all tablets at the moment and that is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G LTE from Verizon Wireless. Yes not only is this device super thin but it also manages to pack in 4G LTE speeds next to the NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core CPU powering it. Basically the best of both worlds when it comes to performance. I’ve made a small video and took some super amazing photos for you all to enjoy so head down below for the rest.

As we all know the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is no Motorola Xoom. It’s thin, lightweight, and just gorgeous with that brilliant 10.1″ 1280×800 resolution display. Like mentioned above its rocking the all powerful NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core CPU the entire market seems to be loving, as well as 1GB RAM, 32GB internal storage and a Micro SIM slot — yes Micro SIM. That is what powers the 4G LTE speeds. We have seen it before but how about some pictures?

Wave to my Android friends as they are excited about this particular device just like I am.

To go over the hardware layout on bottom we have the charge, sync, and docking port as well as the microphone pinhole and that is all, very sleek.

Up top we have the 3.5mm headphone jack and that new fancy micro-SIM slot for the 4G LTE SIM card.

Then heading around to the left side of the device we have the volume up/down rocker, the power and wake button as well as one of the two stereo speaker grills. I like the speakers being on the sides rather than the rear because the sound doesn’t get lost or muffled when not facing right or laying on a lap or desk.

Flip things over and we have the 3MP camera on the rear and it comes with LED flash for those in need. The rear has a nice two-tone design with an aluminum bezel around the entire device.

The back features a nice brushed aluminum look and really makes the device appear polished and nicely designed. We have Verizon, Samsung, and that all important 4G LTE plastered on the back in case anyone forgets it.

Performance was great and things are extremely smooth on Android 3.1 Honeycomb, for a full rundown of the OS check out Chris Burns Android 3.0 Xoom Review as it covers Android Honeycomb in depth. The important thing with this device is being able to get online without Wi-Fi, Having blazing fast speeds from 4G LTE I feel like I’m using my home W-Fi connection anywhere I go. I went to the park this morning with the dogs and it was extremely fast and I’m highly impressed so far.

For now here is the video and you can expect a full rundown and speedtests coming very shortly.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G LTE Hands-on & Unbox video
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