I wont be calling the Motorola Xoom a 4G device until the upgrade actually happens and apparently that wont be until September or later. At least Xoom owners can look forward to getting timely updates for Android right? Even though the Wi-Fi version was already updated and same with the Transformer to Android 3.2 Honeycomb, it appears the Xoom 3G should start getting it possibly tomorrow.

Earlier today we mentioned the Xoom was doing a “soak test” for the update and now it looks like it will be coming sooner than we thought, but I’m not complaining. If you haven’t seen what comes along with Android 3.2 here is our short guide. Users will have zooming and scaling options for applications not taking full advantage of the screen real estate being a popular improvement.

The Wi-Fi Xoom was upgraded to Android 3.2 Honeycomb back at the first of July and you can download the Android 3.2 SDK right here. We will finally be seeing official MicroSD card support for the Xoom as well as improvements to the movie streaming service. Movies will now have adaptive streaming capabilities to provide the best playback experience based on network or wifi performance.

Looking over the Verizon Wireless Support pages we found the above information and we haven’t seen anything yet regarding the 3G Xoom from Verizon. Hopefully this means the soak test has already been completed and the 3.2 update will start rolling out soon, if not tomorrow.

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[via Verizon Support]


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