The new Motorola Xoom 2’s have been getting plenty of love lately but we still don’t have anything too concrete regarding these tablets other than the few and far between leaked details. We’ve seen plenty of pictures and have heard rumors of a November launch date but are still waiting for confirmation. Recently they’ve been spotted in Verizon’s inventory system giving us hope they are coming soon.

Spotted in the Verizon cellebrite as the Pasteur (MZ617) and Fleming (MZ609) they’ve now been found in another system showing the same code-numbers, then 4G LTE and a 64GB option. According to sources the MZ609 is the smaller 8.2″ “Media Edition” Xoom 2 we saw in this updated post.

While 4G is nice to see it was pretty expected, but now the option for a 64GB version is here we have everything we’d need. I sure would love to get my hands on a quad-core 64GB 4G LTE tablet, sounds great huh? Only concern would be pricing, and I’m getting worried just thinking about it. Like we mentioned above, if latest leaks are accurate we should be hearing more very soon and seeing these sometime mid November.

[via Droid-Life]