Motorola as we all may know announced the Motorola Droid Bionic way back at CES and after delay after delay it still has not managed to find its way to the market. They have recently launched the Photon 4G and the Droid 3 but they are still behind in terms of 4G LTE. HTC has the Thunderbolt, LG offers the Revolution and Sammy has the Droid Charge. So where is Motorola in this mix? Working on a few bugs to improve the technology it sounds like.

A recent story by Forbes Magazine is aiming to clear up a few questions as to what is really going on, and why we are still waiting for the Bionic months and months later. According to Forbes Motorola has been fixing up a few issues and weaknesses in the LTE technology and have opted to design their own silicon for their 4G LTE chipsets. We aren’t sure if these weak areas are specific to Motorola, or to Verizon’s LTE but Motorola want to have the best so they are working out the kinks.

On the professional networking site LinkedIn Motorola as recent as yesterday dropped a few posts suggesting they are looking to hire 4G LTE engineers. Hopefully they have a few already working hard because we are expecting the Droid Bionic to launch sometime this summer. Maybe they’ve already worked out enough of the weaknesses but I will believe it when I see it although the recent activity on actual Verizon websites gives us all hope. It was even leaked in a Best Buy ad last week.

For now we will have to keep on waiting as Motorola does what needs to be done. Hopefully we will be hearing more soon regarding not only the Bionic, but of other possible 4G phones headed to market. Interesting note the article also mentions Motorola is working on a 7″ Android tablet slated for a Christmas launch. Sounds interesting.

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