Over the weekend some crafty developers unlocked the Motorola Photon 4G’s bootloader. The pudding, as the developers of the method like to call it, comes courtesy of the same method used to free the Motorola Atrix not too long ago. We’re still waiting on a long term solution from Motorola, but for now we’ll take the unlocked bootloader however we can get it.

It’s a bit too soon to say if Google acquiring Motorola Mobility this morning will help speed up Motorola’s promised unlock method. With that in mind, I for one was happy to hear the method used to get an unlockable bootloader for the atrix might be successful for other Moto devices. The Photon is now the first device to profit.

Motorola’s WiMax toting, dual-core Photon 4G (see our review) is now free to run whatever custom ROMs, recoveries and kernels devs can come up with. With the promising results I’ve seen on the Photon’s close cousin, the Atrix, with its alpha builds of CyanogenMod this already sexy phone has plenty of gain to reap from this new found freedom.

This probably has little impact on you (unless you’re a developer) in the immediate future. What it does mean is that you can start getting excited if you’re a fan of custom ROMs, overclocking and nandroid backups. Things may even go a little faster for you since the Atrix build may offer a good starting point. Freedom is as sweet as pudding.

[via XDA]