Motorola has just unleashed a New Year’s gift for fans of its Moto X flagship, at least for those who still don’t own one. If you’ve still been holding out for one, this might be the right time to finally make that purchase now that the unlocked Moto X’s price has been slashed by $100 permanently.

With CES 2014 and the promise of newer smartphones just around the corner, it might not make much sense to still vie for an almost half-year old model. But even among its contemporaries, the Moto X has made a name for itself. Sure it might not possess the raw power that other flagships and more current models posses, but Motorola has pulled off some tricks that made its own premiere device something to root for, not least of which is the almost exhaustive customization choices available. You might want to head back to our review of the Moto X in case you’ve forgotten what made it extra special.

The Moto X has enjoyed a number of price cuts, including the disastrous Cyber Monday promo, but all of them temporary. Now Motorola is pulling down prices for good, leaving the 16 GB version at a considerably reduced $399.99 price tag. The 32 GB model, on the other hand, will go for $449.99. Both models are, of course, offered without contract from Motorola’s store. The price applies to any combination of customization options via Moto Maker, except the wood backs which will still cost an extra $100.


Motorola has so far been pretty quiet in its own corner with regard to its CES 2014 activities, making it somewhat hard to see if the price cut is related to any upcoming device. Those who are a bit wary of making such a big purchase at this moment but still desire some of the features found in the Moto X might want to turn their eyes on the Moto G instead, which will soon be available from Best Buy under a $99 Verizon prepaid setup.

VIA: SlashGear