And since we are already talking about the Motorola MILESTONE, and how it took less than three hours – record time – to sell out in the UK. Well, lets talk about the UK TV commercial for this awesome Android phone.

This new commercial for the Motorola smartphone doesn’t have the bomb-like objects coming out of the stealth fighters and scaring the cowboys and their horses. And it doesn’t have the robotized voice saying “DDROOOIIIDDD”. Nope, instead, there’s a voice of a nice Brit lady, telling you several things about the device.

We know that many of you don’t like or care about the DROID commercials, but they are good nonetheless. On this UK commercial, you hear about propositions that many smartphones can claim as their own too. Call me crazy, but I’m almost certain that, if the Brits see the DROID’s commercials, they’ll be more influence to buy the MILESTONE.