We know the DROID by Motorola is a great device, and many people love it, or love to get one. That’s especially understandable, and more so after TIME announced their “Top 10 Everything of 2009″ list with the Motorola DROID ranking as the number 1 on the gadgets category, over the iPhone 3GS, which took the 4th place.

With that in mind, we have no doubt the DROID by Motorola is a very popular smartphone in the good ol’ US of A. But many of you might be asking themselves, how is the DROID’s twin brother; the MILESTONE, doing in the UK? Apparently, pretty good.

According to Expansys, it took less than three hours to sell all the MILESTONE by Motorola phones that they had over there. Below is what the CEO of eXpansys; Roger Butterworth had to say about this:

The demand for the Motorola Milestone has been staggering. We received the units at 10am on Thursday, 2.5 hours later we had sold out. A second shipment is already on the way and should be arriving in time for Christmas orders.

[Via Pocket-lint]