Last time we watched a video for the new Verizon DROID, it was throwing some good punches to the iDon’t phone from the – as of lately – evil fruit company. Well, this time, the DROID comes to you via stealth airplanes, and with some landscape destruction, I might add.

This new commercial is not throwing punches to any other phone out there, instead, a squadron of stealth bombers is dropping some bomb-like payload down to earth. Many residents all over the US witness how those non-exploding “bombs” come down with great force and make a small crater where they land, be it a forest or the road. Frightening horses and a couple of cowboys.

All in all, this new Sci-Fi themed commercial is pretty cool, I personally like it. I just hope that those new DROID buyers do not get their new phone deliver by UPS or FedEx to their houses in this way. Imagine the destruction of a good part of your home just for ordering a new phone. Anyway, the coolest part of this video is at the end, when those who witness the “delivery”, come close to the “bombs”, and then each opens to reveal a glowing, HAL-like eye in the center of a briefly-glimpsed Motorola DROID.


[Via SlashGear]


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