Some old phones may make a comeback if other OEMs want to follow Nokia. HMD Global’s decision to roll out a new and improved Nokia 3310 seemed to be a good strategy. We’re not sure if target sales have been reached but one thing is for sure–the retro fun got people talking. We remember those times of early cellphone era and so the new Nokia brick phone is one good way to introduce your childhood or adolescence to the millennials.

We call them retro phones–the Nokia 3310 and the Nokia 8110–are just the first few models we believe will be introduced. We’re crossing our fingers more will follow although we doubt it will be easy for companies to just come up with not-so-new devices that they need to redesign, manufacture, test, launch, and then market.

Motorola may also join the bandwagon. Rumor has it the RAZR will be given a new lease on life. Two years ago, a teaser video showed the possibility of Razr flip phones. We once thought a Moto Z could be a Razr but nothing has been made official yet.

Motorola CEO said the Razr design will come back. Lenovo’s CEO Yang Yuanqing shared the good news to the audience. The new Razr will be a more advanced version of the earlier Razrs. It may have a foldable display design so it can rival Samsung.